Collection: Peter Bruun

Peter started playing drums at the Rhythmic Children's School at Vesterbro in Copenhagen at the age of three. This became a life-long immersion into drums, music and composition. Peter's mother and father are both music lovers and in his childhood home there were always instruments and people to play them. He was admitted to the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen at the age of eighteen.

From day one Peter has had an uncompromising red thread throughout his artistic work. It has resulted in a large number of releases in his own name and an active career on the European stage for new music, jazz and improvisation. In recent years, Peter Bruun has gained greater recognition for his compositional work. Most recently, he received the Carl Nilsen Award as Composer of the Year 2019 and the Orchestra of the Year (Jazz Award / William Demant Foundation) 2021, in connection with his latest release with All Too Human: ‘Because You’re Worth It’

“…finds a way of breathing new life into the avantgarde”, All About Jazz

“Copenhagen drummer Peter Bruun has a Passion for Productive Paradoxezz. Black can be white vice versa. There is jazz, the other music and there is also the clever game of playing the other music in an other way. That’s where listeners can meet ATH. Nothing is, what it seems and it seems that it is what it is. You are in need of substantial entertainment? Take the ATH trip! This Hamlet commando of ace musicians - bassist Petter Eldh, trumpeter Kasper Tranberg, guitarist Marc Ducret, drummer Peter Bruun - sweeps all corners empty. On y vas, ca ira!”, Europe Jazz Network

“Joyously unconventional”, Jazz Trail