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Paris Peacock: Wingbeats

Paris Peacock: Wingbeats


Price: 0.05 ETH (Etherium)

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Wingbeats is a musical composition that explores the realm of what the musicians of
Paris Peacock call Magnified Micro Music. The ensemble creates this soundscape using maximally cranked microphones placed close to their acoustic instruments played at a whisper’s volume. This technique allows them to explore a sonic field that is not often heard, much like a magnifying glass for sound. The inspiration for this unique approach comes from British photographer Levon Biss’ super-magnified images of insects, which reveal unseen spellbinding patterns and colours. With a duration of 40 minutes, Wingbeats uncovers a universe of subtle sonics and offers a captivating new perspective on the world of sound, just as Biss’ photos
do on the world of insects.

The NFT format allows Paris Peacock to present the music via a specifically designed web page that invites the listener to explore the universe of WINGBEATS in multiple ways. Besides enabling streaming and downloading of the music in high resolution, the platform gives you exclusive access to supplemented content that illuminates the music and its magnifying conception in various ways through; video, essays, documentation material, as well as extended liner notes by musician/composer Simon Toldam. All of which will give you a distinctive and compelling insight into the artistic process of the WINGBEATS project.

Catalogue #: ILK334
Digital release date: 28-04-2023
NFT release date: 10-02-2023

Simon Toldam - prepared piano
Torben Snekkasted - Saxophone/reed trumpet
Peter Bruun - prepared t
apan and micro percussion
August Wanngren - sound design

This music is recorded live at Jazzhus Montmartre, Copenhagen, Denmark by August Wanngren.
Mixed & Mastered at Virkeligheden by August Wanngren.
Produced by Simon Toldam.
Design by Mike Højgaard/
Cover by Levon Biss
NFT designed by Troels Abrahamsen.


Wingbeats puts our perception to the test. While tones and sounds are usually amplified and enlarged, the opposite is the case here: extremely quiet, which can just about be captured with wide-open microphones. It's a bit like being at eye level with them in the swarm of ants. Or also: Gulliver's journeys in the realm of sound. The three Danish musicians Simon Toldam, Peter Bruun and Torben Snekkestad revealed new forms of beauty that they wanted to face. A fascinating experience to follow and listen to.” - Henning Bolte, Manafonistas 

“This abstract and enigmatic composition forces you to think anew about how you listen, process this elusive sonic experience in space and time and adjust your mindset to its disorienting, sparse sounds.” - Eyal Hareuveni, The Free Jazz Collective

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