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Peter Bruun, Søren Kjærgaard, Jonas Westergaard: THĒSAURÓS

Peter Bruun, Søren Kjærgaard, Jonas Westergaard: THĒSAURÓS

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THĒSAURÓS is an ambitious work for piano trio by the Danish drummer Peter Bruun. The trio has matured over 25 years and has been immersed in this material for four years. The result is a spirited take on a classical constellation that points partly back into history and partly directly into the future.

Søren Kjærgaard, Jonas Westergaard and Peter Bruun have for several years been pioneering voices on the European music scene in modern jazz, improvised music and contemporary composition. The trio is a collective symbiotic entity that immerses itself in the tension between complex stringent structures and improvisation.

THĒSAURÓS is a work that appeals to the listener through the highest common denominator. Peter Bruun's extensive compositions place great demands on the trio. Both in complexity and scope, and most importantly, through new fundamental perspectives on metric understandings, form and musical strategies for improvisation. Likewise, THSAURÓS demands a lot from the listener who, in return, will be rewarded with a comprehensive and coherent work.

Catalogue #: 341
Release-date: 08-02-2023

- Peter Bruun: Drums
- Søren Kjærgaard: Piano
- Jonas Westergaard: Bass

Recorded by Thomas Vang. Mixed by Karmacrew by John Fomsgaard. Cover design by Peter Bruun and Mark Solborg.
"This has become one of the finest I can remember hearing from a piano trio since the records with the Bill Evans Trio from the early 60s. Here we get music that speaks to the inner self, performed by three musicians who know each other inside out, who have the same ideas about music and can manage Peter Bruun's compositions in the very best way." - Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts*
" a treasure trove of which you only decipher the access code after careful listening." - Georges Tonla Briquet, Jazz'Halo

"THSAURÓS is a cathedral of sound with the architectural mastery of Wren, the mystical suggestiveness of Hawksmoor, and the mathematical intangibility of Escher." - A J Dehany, London Jazz News
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