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Eggs Laid by Tigers: Live Berlin

Eggs Laid by Tigers: Live Berlin

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Release date: 15-01-2016

After six fun and frantic years of touring Denmark, visiting Sweden, invading Germany, marking time in Switzerland, and making pilgrimages to Wales ... and after releasing two simultaneously acclaimed and adored studio albums, Eggs Laid by Tigers present to you their first live album ... "Live Berlin".

Recorded in April of 2015 at the intimate art gallery Salon Am Moritz Platz, "Live Berlin" remained unplanned until only moments before their concert. Stumbling upon an old mixer and a few microphones was just serendipitous enough to say: Why the hell not! And after listening to the results, Eggs Laid by Tigers realized that they'd done the improbable ... capturing onto disc most of the magic that floated out in the air that night.

The album is a deliciously raw and delightfully stripped-to-the-bone Egg-Fi trio performance of soulful songs from both their long-playing, Dylan Thomas inspired wonders ... Under the Mile of Moon & This Red-Eyed Earth.

Enjoy Eggs Laid by Tigers "Live Berlin" with a friend ... it's the next best thing to being there.
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