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All Too Human - Because You’re Worth It

All Too Human - Because You’re Worth It

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LP with magic mirror and eight exciting animated phenakistascopes

In 2017, Danish percussive pioneer Peter Bruun set out on an ambitious adventure with three like-minded improvisers. Under the ‘All Too Human’ banner, their first album (2017’s Vernacular Avant-garde) succeeded in bringing life to their creative vision and was heralded by listeners and reviewers alike. On their new offering, ‘Because You’re Worth It’, ambitions have never been higher and their collective vision has become clearer and more refined.

Bruun’s compositions are a blend of the sonically familiar and unfamiliar – like pop music from a parallel universe. Intricate formulas are used to manipulate listeners’ ears, intuitions, and musical expectations, catering to the highest common denominator. The material carefully manages to merge the catchy and comfortable with the fresh and thus far unheard. Songs are composed in the spirit of “bringing the avant-garde back to the people,” which means making these mature, sophisticated pieces accessible to any type of listener – not only those who revel in and are defined by the ‘avant-garde’. Instead, the overall mission is to share in the celebration of humanity through common understanding of music, poetry, and sounds – honoring the breadth of universal understanding and communication between band and audience.

The new album, to be released August 28 on ILK Music, is a musical love letter to listeners… Because You’re Worth It.

Catalogue #: ILK306LP
Release date: 28-08-2020

Marc Ducret (F): 6- and 12-String Guitars
Kasper Tranberg (DK): Trumpet and Cornet
Simon Toldam (DK): Moog, JUNO 60, and Phillicoda
Peter Bruun (DK): Drums, Mikrokorg, and compositions
Petter Eldh: Bass and electronics
Anders Banke: Saxophone, Clarinets and flutes

Composer: Peter Bruun
Pruduced by: Petter Eldh and Peter Bruun


Thrilling animations happily rotate before your very eyes, accompanied by the modern sounds of All Too Human!

You or your child simply place a living phenakistoscope on your record player, setting the magic mirror over the spindle. As the durable plastic 33rpm record album spins, appropriate animations will appear on the magic mirror in eye-catching black & white!

This deluxe package includes one foldable magic mirror and eight exciting animated phenakistoscopes, one for each song. Because you’re worth it!


"Joyously unconventional, the tweaked trajectories of Bruun’s music are the product of a cerebral compositional style irrigated with well-programmed moves and improvisation."
  Filipe Freitas, JazzTrail

"With 'Because You're Worth It' the experimental line is extended even further... One for the end of year lists."
- Georges Tonla Briquet - Jazz'helo

"....a dramatic statement that celebrates humanity, music, poetry, and sounds of all kinds, colors, and shapes."
Eyal Hareuveni and Jan Granlie - Salt Peanuts*

"A work that musically builds a bridge between avant-garde jazz and modern classical music"
- Ivan Rod

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