Collection: Laura Toxværd

Laura Toxværd (b. 1977) is a saxophonist, composer and author of the art book Compositions – 18 Graphic Scores (Hellerup: Forlaget Spring). For several years taught and examined at the Danish music conservatories and 2015-2016 conducted artistic research as a lecturer at Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC). Awarded the Danish Arts Foundation’s 3-year work grant in 2009.

Her works are performed regularly in Europe and North America including New York and Chicago and have been released internationally since 2002 on 16 albums with, among others, John Tchicai and Marilyn Mazur. Scores published by Edition S and in the anthologies Lydformning (musiklærerforeningens forlag Dansk Sang) and Notations 21 (NYC: Mark Batty Publishers). 

1998-2004 Music performance studies at RMC, Cph. and Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris. 2013 MA in Music Education, Aarhus University. Since 2019 PhD Research Fellow at Faculty of  Fine Arts, University of Agder, Norway under the PhD programme ‘Art in Context’ (Music). 2021-2022 visiting doctoral student at Division of Musicology. at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences, Lund University, Sweden.