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Laura Toxværd: The Winds

Laura Toxværd: The Winds

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In the autumn of 2019, a musical meeting took place between four improvising musicians at the venue Klub Primi in the former meatpacking district in Copenhagen. As a quartet, Laura Toxværd, Julie Kjær, Peter Friis Nielsen and Marilyn Mazur had never played together before. Six pieces of music came into being and were later given titles based on words from Emily Dickinson’s poem Wild nights – Wild nights! 

Toxværd states:
The Winds is the second of two albums in my combined scientific and artistic PhD thesis, which I have just completed at the University of Agder in Norway (the first album was previously released on the British label New Jazz and Improvised Music Recordings). In my PhD project, I have investigated my artistic practice as an improvising saxophonist and graphic score composer in intra-action and diffraction with the world.

With the concept of intra-action, I challenge the perception that
it is each of us humans who interact in music, because intra-action involves the entanglement of the human as well as the non-human, for example musical instruments and our spatial and temporal surroundings. I use
diffraction as an alternative to reflection; where reflection emphasizes the mirroring of the individual, diffraction is an opportunity to decenter the subject in order to sense everything that works around us.

Catalogue #: 335
Releasedate: 10-03-2023

- Laura Toxværd: alto sax
- Julie Kjær: alto sax
- Peter Friis Nielsen: electric bass
- Marilyn Mazur: percussion, drums

All tracks composed by Laura Toxværd, Julie Kjær, Peter Friis Nielsen, Marilyn Mazur.
Recorded November 12th 2019 at Klub Primi, Copenhagen.
Recording, Mix & Mastering by Kæv Gliemann
Artwork & Coverdesign by


On the concert: “After the wild introduction, the four musicians fell into an examin-
ing, vegetating state in which they whistled, rattled and howled, as if they were all seeking a mystic land with wonderful creations and rare growths. Everything caused by curious exploration of their instruments in a kind of search for what they can also say when you push them." - Henrik Friis, Politiken.

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