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Laura Toxværd/Jacob Anderskov: PHONE BOOK

Laura Toxværd/Jacob Anderskov: PHONE BOOK

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Release date: 03-09-2012

PHONE BOOK is Laura Toxvaerd’s third album. Her first album, Laura Toxvaerd no. 1, was chosen to be on ’Top 5 best debut albums 2007’ by The New York City Jazz Record. In 2009 she was one out of only three composers selected for the prestigious three-year working scholarship of the Danish Arts Council.
The album presents four graphic notations composed and designed by Laura Toxvaerd:
Graphic scores are included in the CD booklet. Cacklecabin is also published in the anthology Notations 21, Mark Batty Publisher, New York 2009.
The works are performed by Laura Toxvaerd on alto saxophone & Jacob Anderskov on piano.


Album reviews

  • ”a superb collection of duets” –Peter Margasak, DownBeat, March 2013
  • HONORABLE MENTIONS 2012 + RECOMMENDED NEW RELEASES –Andrey Henkin, The New York City Jazz Record, February 2013
  • "If jazz is dead, no one has told Denmark the news. The saxophonist Laura Toxvaerd and pianist Jacob Anderskov here collaborate on four of the former's art-brut graphic notations (all incorporating scissored shards of a Danish phonebook) moving from lines of cautious beauty to detuned blasts of caged animal fury."  –Andrew Male, MOJO, November 2012
  • ”Toxvaerd’s scores, as reproduced in the booklet, are a clever combination of visual material (...) The combination is irresistible. Phone Book is as sensuous as it is intellectually challenging. It seems to reference all sorts of music (...) The striking thing about Phone Book is that with each repeated hearing it seems to grow (...) this is Laura’s date by virtue of the compositions, which are simply wonderful.” –Brian Morton, Point of Departure, December 2012
  • ”high-class modifications of the alto saxophone-piano tradition that should probably lead to further encounters” –Ken Waxman, JazzWord, February 2013
  • ”Parution à Copenhague de « Phone Book » de Laura Toxværd chez ILK Music. Il s'agit de son troisième album avec comme particularité le fait que les compositions aient toutes été couchées sur papier en utilisant des pages d'annuaire téléphonique.” –Alex Dutilh, Radio France, septembre 2012
  • Fishbone dämmert wieder verhangen durch verträumte Minuten, in denen beide Protagonisten versunken scheinen, musikalisch Gedanken nachhängen. Sehr hübsch! (...) Zwar wissen Toxvaerd/Anderskov zu melancholischer Versunkenheit anzusetzen, viel mehr aber haben sie ein Händchen für rasante, wohl überlegte und radikale Freiform.” –Volkmar Mantei, Ragazzi, September 2012
  • ”Intressant musik, med bitar av melodier som finns återgivna som noter i de grafiska bilderna som väl för mig mest ser ut som konstverk (...) Fint tolkat av Toxvaerd (...) Musik som känns förtätad och innehållsrik” –Jan Strand, OrkesterJournalen, Sverige, december 2012
  • ”This duo album underlines the fact that Laura Toxvaerd in both compositional and atmospherical ways are a one-of-a-kind profile on the Danish jazz stage” –Niels Overgård, JAZZNYT, Denmark, October 2012


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