Laura Toxvaerd with Frederik Thaae & Mikkel Gemzøe: DO DRUGS

119,00 kr

DO DRUGS is the name of the band behind this Charlie Parker tribute album: Laura Toxværd – alto sax, Frederik Thaae – guitars, piano & percussion, Mikkel Gemzøe – drums & percussion.

”Here we have quasi-Weillian Eurofolk-ethnic music with a Zorn-flying-Luttenbacher sort of outness. (...) Cuts tend to be quite short: there’s thrash Jazz, nutting-out skronk sax, some compositional bite, out crime-secret-agent-Jazz, the Oscar Meyer Weiner theme song meets no-wave-new-wave-skronk-wave. Some moments sound like a retro mimic of a bar honker sax and the routines are not as simple as might at first seem.” – Cadence Magazine, April 2011.

RECOMMENDED NEW RELEASES – Andrey Henkin, AllAboutJazz-New York, January 2011

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