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LAURA TOXVAERD COMPOSITIONS PART 1 Feat. Carsten Dahl (special guest), Raymond Strid & Jonas Westergaard

LAURA TOXVAERD COMPOSITIONS PART 1 Feat. Carsten Dahl (special guest), Raymond Strid & Jonas Westergaard

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Release date: 01-07-2016

Since the release of her debut album No. 1 in 2007 – forming
an album trilogy with Do Drugs (2010) and Phone Book (2012) – Toxvaerd’s adventurous, gifted and conceptual compositional works have generated international critical respect. Her composi- tions are released on 12 albums and have been performed in USA, Canada, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. She has been awarded the three-year working scholarship by the Danish Arts Council.

On this album the musicians perform Toxvaerd’s compositions notated as graphic scores.

The graphic scores are shown in Toxvaerd’s book Compositions – 18 Graphic scores by Danish publisher Forlaget Spring. The art book with her reflective texts about her artistic process is the final graphic result of Toxvaerd’s artistic research project as an adjunct lecturer at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen. The project’s title is “Composition of graphic and sonic works through the improvisers’ co-creation” and was granted by Danish Ministry of Culture’s Committee for Artistic Research.

Together with the album LAURA TOXVAERD COMPOSITIONS PART 2 With Dødens Garderobe this album presents the final sonic result of Toxvaerd’s artistic research project.

The album is the 6th album on ILK’s White Label Series released digital & on 45 numbered, handwritten vinyls, for sale at ILK Music’s website.

Compositions part. 1. was included among Best of 2016 - "Honorable Mentions" at The New York City Jazz Record.
"Known perspectives are turned upside down and distorted but at the same time familiar clues are increasingly blurred. The musicians manipulate the sounds of their instruments to the extreme to come out with completely new creations." (Jazzmozaïek)

"Hennes rå spillestil blir en fin kontrast til Dahls litt sobre pianospill, men det gjør også musikken enda mer interessant. " (Salt Peanuts)

"Laura Toxværd har banket en ny milepæl ned på jazzens uendelige landevej." (Jazz Special)
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