Collection: Jakob Davidsen

During the last 20 years Jakob Davidsen has been working in the borderland between improvisation and composition with bands like Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester and Figura Ensemble.

Jakob Davidsens Mangfoldighed, Danish Radio Bigband, Zapolski Quartet, The Crossover Ensemble, and Takuan. He has released 15 albums, received 3 Danish Music Awards (2001, 2007 & 2012), The Honorary Prize of The Danish Composers Association, DJBFA, (2004), and a Prize from The Danish Arts Foundation for the work on Jakob Davidsens Kamerat Orkesters release, ‘Se kunsten med nye ører’ (‘Lend art your ear’) (2013).

He has toured in France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Germany and Brazil. As a sideman he has worked with musicians like John Tchicai, Adam Rudolph, Hasse Poulsen, Stefan Pasborg, Francois Merville and Vincent Courtois.