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Silence Trio 1.

Silence Trio 1.

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Release date: 16-06-2017

"Silence Trio Series" is the new work by Danish pianist and composer Jakob Davidsen.
During the three years 2017-2019, he will release three different trio CDs, all with serenity, rigor, genre freedom and silence as the common theme.
These three publications can be perceived as both a collective work and the statement of an individual.

In June 2017 the release of "Silence Trio 1" will come out with the Norwegian saxophonist Torben Snekkestad and French-Danish guitarist Hasse Poulsen.
In 2018 "Silence Trio 2" will follow featuring Norwegian singer Sissel Vera Pettersen and Danish vocalist Randi Pontoppidan.

In 2019 The series will be closed by "Silence Trio 3" with Norwegian drummer Thomas Strønen and Danish double bass-player Jesper Egelund.

The first edition in “Silence Trio Series” is silence trio 1, a meeting between three significant musicians from the Nordic contemporary music scene.

Paris resident, guitarist hasse poulsen has for more than 20 years been an electrifier of uncompromising music in bands like ‘Das Kapital’, ‘Sound of Choice’, and ‘The Langston Project'. He has toured most of the world and released several acclaimed Cdʼs.

The Norwegian saxophone virtuoso, torben snekkestad, is a classical solist much in demand as well as a very strong improviser, who in projects with Jon Balke, ʻThe Living Room with Barry Guyʼ and ʻTrio Trangʼ has proven himself to be one of Europe's great saxophone players releasing a series of truly intriguing CDs, and concerts in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Pianist jakob davidsen is known for his work in the border areas between improvisation and composition. He has received 3 Danish Music Awards, and The Honorary Prize of The Danish Composers Association, DJBFA, has released 15 CDs in his own name, and played concerts in Europe and South America.

The album was among Recommended New Releases at NYC Jazz Record, August ´17 issue.

“The musicians let small poetic statements, figures and sounds develop themselves. The music changes its character almost without you noticing it, suddenly minutes have passed and a journey from one place to another has been completed. Silence Trio proves that it can be rewarding to keep silent and listen when communicating.”
- Politiken June 2017

“Beautiful work from equilibrists!”

“The three musicians obey strict instructions of patience, listening, tolerance, restraint, togetherness, openness of mind which should avoid the ayatollesque prohibitions of many proponents of free improvisation. The atmosphere that follows is rather relaxing, a kind of contemporary Zen music where the tone reigns supreme.”

“Through all the music there is an overall thought behind what is being played. I hope that there will be a chance to listen to Silence Trio live.”

“The music gets the listeners attention from the first note. It is extreme and highly fascinating music, where the pauses and the silence of the music are just as important ingredients as sound and texture.”
- Jazz Special

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