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Jakob Davidsen feat. Sissel-Vera Pettersen & Randi Pontoppidan: Silence Trio 2

Jakob Davidsen feat. Sissel-Vera Pettersen & Randi Pontoppidan: Silence Trio 2

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Release date: 28-09-2018
Catalogue no.: ILK285CD

Silence Trio Series

"Silence Trio Series" is the new work by Danish pianist and composer Jakob Davidsen. During the three years 2017-2019, he will release three different trio CDs, all with serenity, rigor, genre freedom and silence as the common theme.
These three publications can be perceived as both a collective work and the statement of an individual.

First edition of "Silence Trio", with the Norwegian saxophonist Torben Snekkestad and Danish / French guitarist Hasse Poulsen, was released in the summer of 2017 and received great reviews in most of the world. Among other things, the reputed American magazine "New York City Jazz Records" chose the CD for one of 2017's most remarkable releases worldwide. The next to follow is "Silence Trio 2" with the Norwegian singer Sissel Vera Pettersen and the Danish singer Randi Pontoppidan.
In 2019, "Silence Trio 3" ends with the participation of the Norwegian drummer Thomas Strønen and the Danish bassist Jesper Egelund.
"Silence Trio Series" is published by the uncompromising Danish label, "Ilk-Music".
The trio of "Silence Trio 2" first met during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in 2015 where they played a very atmospheric concert, about which the critic of the Danish newspaper, “Politiken”, Christian Munch-Hansen, wrote:
"It was a very special audio universe that met one, with the beautifully colored voices of two experimental singers and rhythmic improvisations that spread in space as fragments of dreams, combined in a very nice way with Jakob Davidsen's highly present piano, also guided by the momentum and spontaneous invitations.
And Davidsen has the sense of contrasts of the experienced chamber musician and improviser - with his abrupt piano figures over the hovering sirens, or vice versa: beautifully circling sounds against the women's sound-playing, rattling percussion and deep vocal drones. "

About the musicians on “Silence Trio 2”:
In their duo, “Lift”, Sissel Vera Pettersen og Randi Pontoppidan have developed a very personal sound for the past 15 years, with their voices and electronics. They strike musical elements such as pygmy song, joik, vocalise, human beat box, jazz and Scandinavian hymns. Individually, they have performed in projects including Lionel Louke, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and Paul Hillier's Theatre of Voices. The pianist and composer Jakob Davidsen is known for his pioneer work with music in the border between improvisation and composition. It has resulted in 3 Danish Music Awards, the Honorary Prize of The Danish Composers Association, DJBFA, more than 15 CD releases in his name and concerts in Europe and South America.
"When the whole world is shouting on the top of each other you can either choose to participate with even louder and more penetrating shouts. Or you can keep silent or speak in a low voice insisting that the silent and the subdued may reveal more depths and nuances than any superficial roar."



Sissel-Vera Pettersen -vocal & elektronics
Randi Pontoppidan -vocal & elektronics
Jakob Davidsen -piano

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