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Jakob Davidsen: Uden alder - a tribute to Ole Sarvig

Jakob Davidsen: Uden alder - a tribute to Ole Sarvig

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Jakob Davidsen offers genre-crossing Chamber Music with seven musical interpretations of the Danish poet Ole Sarvigs poems on the album Ageless”.

Ageless presents the poems exactly as new, fresh, and relevant as they were written for the first time. The music gives the poems a personal, musical universe that takes us far away from conventional paths, and offers us new and surprising experiences work by work.

Jakob Davidsen, and his star cast with Signes Asmussen at the head of musicians from DR-Bigband and Figura, reproduce poems from “Green poems”, “Jeghuset”, and “Human being”. These renderings show not just technical skill, but also ideas and boldness - when the music brings forth Sarvig’s lyrical and imaginary writing and reflects both the dark, beautiful, and light sides of the poems.

The five voices and five instrumentalists from Jakob Davidsen’s ‘Kammerat Orkester’ and Figura redeem and give live with a masterful score playing and improvisations. 

Uden alder also contains five motets with an affinity to the tribute to Sarvig.

Catalogue #: ILK342CD
Release date: 11-11-2022


Signe Asmussen, Katinka Fogh Vindelev, Anna Caroline Olesen, Teit Kanstrup og Bo Kristian Jensen.


Clarinet: Peter Fuglsang
Violin: Cæcilie Balling
Cello: Tobias van der Pals
Double bas: Jesper Egelund
Piano: Jakob Davidsen


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