Collection: Jeppe Skovbakke

Bassplayer Jeppe Skovbakke was born in 1977 into a musical family and a house full of instruments. Music and instruments was always a playground and not until in his early teens did he decide on the bass as his main instrument.
Jeppe is almost entirely self-taught on the double bass, having no formal music education. However, on various occasions he has sought private studies and inspiration with artists from near and far.

Over the years he has toured and recorded with several generations of Danish jazz musicians and a number of international soloists including Chris Speed, Mark Turner, John Tchicai, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Peter Brötzmann and Rhys Chatham.
He is also involved with the national pop/rock scene, most notably as a part of the highly acclaimed P3 award winners I Got You On Tape and with sideman credits reaching from Oh Land, Per Vers and Teitur to Sebastian, Steffen Brandt and Benny Andersen.

With a touring schedule that regularly spans four continents and some fifty album releases earning several awards and nominations Jeppe likes to keep his calendar busy. This year is no exception with upcoming releases, tours and recordings with action-drone trio Homies, greenlandic singer Nive Nielsen, no-wave legend Rhys Chatham’s trio and the internationally esteemed jazz combo Mikkel Ploug Group.