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Skovbakke/Pasborg/Tchicai: The Blue Giant

Skovbakke/Pasborg/Tchicai: The Blue Giant

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This is the story of a long hidden studio-session, which will finally see the light of day 17 years after it took place. In the summer of 2006 one of the father-figures of Free- and Abstract improvised music, John Tchicai, performed a premiere concert of a brand-new trio collaboration with the two young musicians, Stefan Pasborg and Jeppe Skovbakke, at Copenhagen Jazz Festival. The success of that performance led to John inviting Stefan and Jeppe to perform a series of shows in and around Montpellier and Perpignan - John's hometown in Southern France. And to finish the tour, the trio decided to record together in the great Studio Lakanal.

Some of this music was written before the tour, some was improvised and some was even written during the studio session with lyrics as well as music reflecting the experiences and musing over the happy hubbub during which it came about.

Catalogue#: ILK347
Release date: 03-07-2023

Recorded by Boris Darley at Studio Lakanal.
Montpellier, France in October 2006.
Mix and mastered by John Fomsgaard.
Artwork and album cover design: Mike Højgaard /

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