Collection: Calum Builder

The musical workings of Calum Builder (AU) involve an eclectic blending of genres that resonate with themes of ‘post-religious spirituality’, existential searching and deinstitutionalization, in part influenced by his background in seminary school. From captivating solo performances that feature improvised saxophone and pipe organ, to leading one of his diverse orchestras, Builder's music “brings about a symbiosis of overflowing beauty and rumbling disturbances” (T.S Høeg, Jazz Special).

An award-winning saxophonist and composer lauded for his “unique and exciting voice” (Nettavisen) Builder has performed at international jazz, classical and experimental music festivals across Northern Europe & Australia. His 2021 critically acclaimed album Messe (You are where you need to be) garnered a coveted 6/6 hearts in Politiken Newspaper which described the music as “a beautiful and overwhelming experience" (David Dyrholm, Politiken). It was subsequently nominated for a Danish Music Award.

He holds an Advanced Postgraduate Soloist degree in Composition (2022) from the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium København.