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Calum Builder: Messe

Calum Builder: Messe

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Does it even matter if the Divine does not exist?

Perhaps, its existence is necessitated through us?

Calum’s new work is a deconstructed Traditional Latin Messe composed for seven voices, seven saxophones and seven double basses that incorporates an eclectic mixture of established classical and improvising musicians from over thirteen countries. Messe (You are where you need to be) grapples with the inherent tension that resides within faith, contemplation and grief — inviting the listener to meditate on what it means to have a relationship with something more than oneself.

Catalogue #: ILK328LP
Release date: 24-September-2021

Line up: Calum Builder (Alto Saxophone; Composer; Conductor)

Saxophones: Cosimo Fiaschi (Soprano), Albert Cirera (Soprano) Jonas Engel (Alto), Miguel Crozzoli (Tenor)
Nana Pi Larsen (Tenor), Michał Biel (Baritone)

Voices: Therese Aune (Soprano), Susana Nunes (Soprano) Thea Wang (Alto), Lucie Szabová (Alto), João Neves (Tenor), Kenneth Reid (Tenor), Josh Herring (Bass)

Basses: Jesper Nordberg, Asger Thomsen, Mark Gregersen, Piotr Dubajko, Aurelijus Užameckis, Tomo Jacobson Rafał Różalski.


"Intensity, control, improvisation and looseness increase and decrease again during the course of the work, featuring chaotic strings, infernos of talk and song, strikes on the strings, uncontrolled winds, repetitive mass and chaos replaced by silencio, silence. The voices and the sounds in your head speak against each other, pulling you in all directions, gathering and taking new paths again."
- Julie Hugsted, Seismograf

"Those who see, or rather hear, a totally unique musical excursion, are definitely onto something. Builder has created moods and tensions and conversations that are more than interesting to be invited into. This is music that is certainly suitable for any time of the year or life in general but dark autumn evenings suitable for reflections definitely seem fitting. Calum Builder has immediately told us that he is a unique and exciting voice."
- Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen

"I can hear that this is a work that can go down in history as one of the great church works, and which can, and should, be performed in a number of church rooms around the world...Mighty, exciting and incredibly beautiful!"
- Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts

"Builder's music becomes universal, whether it is for the divine, the spiritual or something completely different. It is a beautiful and overwhelming experience."
- David Dyrholm, Politiken

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