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Zeuthen/Anderskov/Vestergaard: Nocturnal

Zeuthen/Anderskov/Vestergaard: Nocturnal

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The multigenerational trio is back with new music that takes us deep into the night where intricate textures and melodic stories create an imaginative and enigmatic space.

Nocturnal is the third album from the critically acclaimed Danish trio, following the 2020 album “Ecstatic Embrace” and their 2018 debut album “Out of the Spectacle” which was awarded a Danish Music Award for Best Special Release. It is the trio’s first studio album revealing a more detailed and multi- dynamic interplay with an open and spacious sound.

Alto saxophonist Jesper Zeuthen is a Danish legend, that got public attention already in the late 60’s for his work with the group “Blue Sun”. He has tirelessly kept evolving his music through his own bands and he has played renowned names such as with Terry Riley, Don Cherry, Marilyn Mazur and Paul Motian and Jakob Bro.

Jacob Anderskov is one of the most outstanding voices on the piano and he has, since his debut in 2001, received numerous awards for his music. He has worked with Michael Formanek, Evan Parker, Chris Speed, Airto Moreira etc. He is also a professor at RMC in Copenhagen.

Drummer Anders Vestergaard represents the youngest generation in the trio. He has a strong personal approach to the drums works steadily with a wide array of groups from Yes Deer’s hard hitting free jazz to the melodic music of Girls in Airports. AV has also worked with Evan Parker, Lucas Abela, Toshimaru Nakamura etc.

Together the three musicians create immediate music that is simultaneously embracing and challenging for the listener. A contemporary nocturnal album.

Catalogue#: ILK345
Release date: 22-09-2023

Line up:
Jesper Zeuthen - Saxophone & Saw
acob Anderskov - Piano
Anders Vestergaard - Drums

Recorded at The Village in Copenhagen by Thomas Vang. Mixed by John Fomsgaard. Mastered by Arnold Kasar. Cover design by Miki Skak. Drawing by Jesper Zeuthen. All music by Jesper Zeuthen, Jacob Anderskov and Anders Vestergaard


"Never quite fully combusting, it’s a masterclass in latent musical power and surely one of the most smouldering free ballads you’ll hear this year." - Frank Graham, London Jazz News

d"Det er som at stå i en skov af musik og ikke være bange for ikke at kunne finde hjem, for man har ikke brug for hjem lige nu."Jon Albjerg Ravnhol, Passive/Aggressive

"The way in which they roll out the opening track ‘Dewfall’ with first some cymbal sounds and piano notes and after a while adding saxophone sounds to it, testifies to their mastery how they create a wonderful microcosm out of almost nothing. Masterly intro full of intriguing elements. …. An album for the year lists!" - George Tonla Briquet, Jazzhalo

"The album’s longest track, “Ceremony,” is a masterclass in latent musical power. Its smoldering free ballad captivates listeners without ever fully combusting, making it a standout piece." - Miles Beaumont, Jazz World Database

"Zeuthen, Anderskov og Vestergaard er alle tre høyst personlige instrumentalister som samtidig er lyttere i megaklassen. Til sammen blir derfor «Nocturne» et stykke musikk som setter spor - store spor." - Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen

"...the trio plays artistic chamber jazz, an equally indispensable part of which is Jesper Zeuthen's crystal-clear saxophone playing, Jacob Anderskov's experimental vein alternating with lyricism, and Anders Vestergaard's diverse talent that makes drum sound and techniques equal to those of the other two instruments. This is how the musical magic of the three of them is formed at night, which will reverberate in the listener's ears and hearts for a long time to come." - Máté J. György, Gramofon


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