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Peter Danstrup: World's Twelve Worst Books

Peter Danstrup: World's Twelve Worst Books

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100 years ago, the Irish novelist James Joyce published one of the most controversial books of the century, Ulysses. Now, bass player and composer Peter Danstrup releases an LP with titles picked from a passage in chapter 15 ‘... cheap reprints of The World’s Twelve Worst Books’. Played by 19 musicians, the 12 tracks expand with broad-spectrum variety, spiced up with intimacy, sarcasm and freakish humor. Genres meet and incite the fantasy in a way that has become a trade mark from this diligent composer who now releases his 3rd album in a series of peerless records. Last year he launched Nowherelands and Absolute Danstrup and this trilogy shows Danstrup as one of the most interesting and conspicuous talents on the music scene.

Peter Danstrup (b. 1954) has been a part of the Danish music scene since the early 1970’ies as a bass player, composer and director of a music conservatory. Mostly known as an exponent of improvised jazz he has, however, also played rock and fusion. You could hear him with John Tchicai, Link Wray, Svend Asmussen, Mikkel Nordsø and Pierre Dørge as well as his own projects: Reptiles, Klökkeblömst and Sacrified. In 2012 he was awarded 2 Danish Music Awards: composer of the year and record of the year.

Catalogue#: ILK340LP
Release date: 16-12-2022

Music and lyrics by Peter Danstrup


"you will feel like the composition is telling you a story due to the excellent instrumental performance"
- Fernando Nunez, Visual Atelier 8

"He has created a life-affirming, humoristic, and exciting musical epic tale you should listen to – often and much."

"You will find humour, joy of playing and exciting rhythmic arrangements
An immense musical experience."
- Jan Granlie, Jazzspecial


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