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Vs DooM: Live at Xenon

Vs DooM: Live at Xenon

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Vs DooM is a group of dedicated composers and stage artists that have come together as activists for the big sound. All members of the band are award winning gods of jazz, servants of music. No less, no more.

The album was recorded live during the Copenhagen Winter Jazz Festival where the ensemble created an absurdist theater in cooperation with decorated Ukrainian theater director Ira Nirsha.

The show and album represents the bands work to purge puritanism from our culture. To the bitter end, they say. This is the first release by Vs DooM, but every member of this outfit has clawed out a space for themselves in this world and been rewarded for it

Catalogue#: ILK350
Release date: 20-10-2023 

Line up:
Michael Rexen: vocal, Henry Gibbs: vocal, Nina Baun: vocal, Liv Lumia Hurtigkarl: vocal; Mads Lund Egetoft: saxofon; Lise Munch: horn; Mathilde Schelin: clarinet; Erik Kimestad: trumpet; Kristian Tangvik: keyboards; Kristian Haarløv: guitar; Peter Danstrup: bass; Rune Lohse: drums; Sylvester Kallesøe: percussion.

Music: Vs DooM
Lyrics: Michael Rexen
Producer: Michael Rexen & Mathias Bang Madsen Mix: Michael Rexen & Mathias Bang Madsen Master: David Elberling
Artwork: Michael Rexen
Photography: Claire Filip 

With support from KODA & Musikforlæggerne

"An original size, which probably in the moment gives me associations with names such David Bowie and Fastpoholmen – but which is also completely distinctive, original.
That is why the overall experience is so extraordinary... …Live at Xenon is absolutely marvellous. "A unique and original unit, the overall impression is extraordinary." - Ivan Rod, Gaffa

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