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Jesper Løvdal,  Mark Solborg, & Anders Provis introduces melodic and openminded trioplaying on this debut-album. The contents include beautiful clarinet, subtle acoustic songs, baritone burnout, and occasional squeeks and bleeps.

Ventilator is a journey into an intimite world of tales, inventions, sonic tourism and quiet, late night improv at the old family cabin.

Ventilate yourself..

Jesper Løvdal - Clarinet, saxes, flute, percussion & wurlitzer
Mark Solborg - Guitar, preparations & wurlitzer
Anders Provis - Drums & percussion



"..a happy predisposition towards the subtle and the understated, the result being a refreshingly unclichéd and (in its own quietly potent way) intriguing album. "
- Jazz Journal, UK

"..simply good music, and tasteful. A great recording."
- Orkesterjournalen, Sweden - Jan Strand

"... Jesper Lovdal mostly plays precise clarinet but also gruff bari, Webster-ish tenor and cool flute. Mark Solborg’s preparations for guitar grasp a wild array of sonic levels: smooth chorale, underripe feedback, feverish pecking at paperclips, detuned strums, a sound like electric ukulele wired to a camera shutter. And Anders Provis’ drums range far and wide from hard mallets, subtle brushes, cymbal outbursts, punchy toms. Tracks called “Tales from the Lawn” suggest, as does the music itself, a film score of micro-lens adventures among insects and spider webs."
-Fred Bouchard - All About Jazz, NY

"..Ventilator uses the contrasts between the instruments beautifully and supplies Danish Jazz with refreshing air condition.."
-Christian Munch-Hansen, Information.

"Together, the trio churns out music that is thoughtful, carefully stated... Solborg is articulate and he states his mission in as simple a fashion as possible. Provis' percussion prowess is understated as well. He tends to colour the field with a slew of delicate brush strokes and a concession of cymbal caresses. Løvdal gels the session together with some lovely clarinet calls, flute swirls and sax cries. The man knows what he's after and he'll do everything to get it."
- Tom Sekowski, gazeta

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