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The White Nothing: About Time

The White Nothing: About Time

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The album is a product of time – the space in time where you loose the sense of time.

The debut album, ’About Time’, of pianist and composer Anders Filipsen was released the 6th of June 2011. An album that in new ways encompasses the sound of freely improvised music and modern classical music played by his 9-piece band ’The White Nothing’.

”Half a year dedicated to this music and the feeling of creating something in itself – beyond time.”

Anders Filipsens has on his debut album created a work that mixes the free improvised music’s possibilities with the tonal language of contemporary classical music and avant-garde jazz. Both the calmness and the uncontrollable forces of these different musical influences characterize the music, but first and foremost the album is a product of time – the space in time where you loose the sense of time.

The record, which is released on ILK Music, takes the listener for a trip through horn filled melodic passages, uncontrollable improvisations and dense silence played by flutes. The debut concert of the band was described as:

”…an impressive and dedicated concert, where he shows sparkling piano playing, and a thorough, deep and honest expression.” (Nikolaj Hess, summer 2010).

The band consists of 9 handpicked musicians working out of Copenhagen being active on the classical, rock as well as the avant-garde jazz scene.  The band members play with people such as John Tchicai, Herb Robertson and Lindha Kallerdahl

Pianist and composer Anders Filipsen, finishing his master at The Rhythmical Conservatory in Copenhagen in 2010. A member of the avant-garde label ILK, and a part of the vibrant avant-garde scene in Copenhagen. Has been an initiator of impro-festivals, such as Ekspeditionen and Beyond Control. Is primarily working with freely improvised music and the possibilities of combining it with written music and other art forms. Has amongst others worked with John Tchicai, Kresten Osgood and Marc Lohr.

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