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The Vertical Perspective

The Vertical Perspective

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Debut Twin Release by the Stellar Danish/American Quartet Featuring Niels Vincentz, Søren Kjærgaard, Thomas Morgan and Billy Hart

This group came together by a stroke of luck, when with short notice Niels Vincentz, Søren Kjærgaard, Thomas Morgan and Billy Hart joined forces for a single concert during the Copehagen Jazz Festival in 2013. The performance was an explosive meeting between the four distinct musical temperaments, launching a collaboration that reverberates the life experience, cultural backgrounds and generations of players.

Since then they have developed a sound of their own, carried forth by a shared orientation and yet, complexified in multi-directional playing. Across the two albums, The Vertical Perspective & Heaven In A Wildflower, we shift between song forms and open-ended improvisations, fiery pulse and spacious width, earthy timbres and oblique harmonies – all of which is interwoven into an authentic sonic approach of both historic fluency and contemporary veins.

The Vertical Perspective which forms the first half of the twin release, features a compositional blend of Vincentz’ and Kjærgaard’s writing in vibrant interplay with Morgan and Hart, who despite their overwhelming presence on the contemporary jazz scene, had never played together before. The recording was done in a single day’s session during a tour in Denmark in the spring of 2017.

Format: CD & Digital
Catalogue #: ILK298CD
Release date: 05-06-2020

Niels Vincent - tenor sax
Søren Kjærgaard - piano
Thomas Morgan - bass
Billy Hart - drums

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