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The Living Room: Live at Literaturhaus feat. Barry Guy

The Living Room: Live at Literaturhaus feat. Barry Guy

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Release date: 04-09-2015

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The Living Room`s second album is a live recording of their first meeting with double bass wizard Barry Guy - full of energetic and strong interactive musicianship, where content reigns over empty athletics.

The Living Room (Torben Snekkestad, Søren Kjærgaard, Thomas Strønen) is a collaboration between some of the most promising musicians from the contemporary Nordic music scene. Their debut album “Still Distant Still”, released on ILK in 2011, converges various sounds and styles of play into a sonically vibrant field: a common ground shared by their curiosity to explore and expand the disciplines of both conventional and unconventional instrumental approaches.

Already headlined on a series of remarkable recordings and performances with artists such as Christian Fennesz, Barry Guy, Andrew Cyrille, Ian Ballamy and John Taylor, The Living Room members each have a significant presence on the international music scene. The Living Room has also performed a line of concerts with the Japanese vocalist and thereminist, Koichi Makigami and also with special guests Nate Wooley and Paul Lovens.

On their second album the trio is captured in energetic interplay with double bass master Barry Guy (UK). A mild December night in Copenhagen they met for the first time to perform a concert at the LiteraturHaus - luckily they chose to record it!


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