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The Black Nothing - Stilleben

The Black Nothing - Stilleben

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New album from Danish composer and keyboardist Anders Filipsen and the praised 10-piece ensemble The Black Nothing. 

‘Stilleben’ is an examination of sound where repetition plays an important role through an emphasis on slowness and lingering moments, and where the interplay between improvisation and composition expands the expression of the ensemble even more.

Anders Filipsen intention was to examine this condition and simultaneously create a time-bubble for the listener wherein the ordinary and mundane is made unique and appealing.

Just as with the debut-album ’Paths’, Filipsen is again using imagery and visual motifs as a starting point for the music. Paths was praised by the press and described as:

”A powerfull piece” (Berlingske Tidende)
“Marvelous and original.” (Jazzspecial Norway)

Generally speaking the reviewers agreed that the music was characterized by a strong personality and a genre-transcending expression:

The Black Nothing has with ”Paths” created an ambitious piece which would 
be a shame to try to define by genre.” (Passive Aggressive).

”...sound processed brass, minimalistic composition, choir, electronica and African percussion...It’s heavy stuff. But for those who has the energy to fight through the bushes, Paths is an evocative and wrinkled piece which is a gasping pleasure to unfold and get lost in.” (Information)

It is this mixture of music from all sorts of places that once again stands out when you listen to ‘Stilleben’. The music combines impressions from new-music, free improv, electronica and avantgarde in highly personal expression that makes one think of artists such as Brian Eno and Jon Hassell, Evan Parkers Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, Africa Express and Visible Cloaks.

Stilleben was premiered at CPH:DOX at a performance together with video- artist Jeppe Lange, and the recordings from this performance lay the foundation for this release. With Stilleben Filipsen resumes the price-winning piece Paths that was nominated for a Danish Music Award as best jazz-release, and for which Anders Filipsen received the Danish Art Foundations special price in 2015.

The Black Nothing consists of 10 of the strongest Danish and International improvisers living in Denmark. The orchestra has previously performed at Skuespilhuset, Charlottenborg and festivals such as CPH Jazzfestival, UJazz and CPH:DOX.

Catalogue #: ILK302LP 
Release date: 22-05-2020

"Approached without prejudice it’s a marvellous musical experience and a step on from TBN’s previous release, Paths.
Good musicians switch styles and borrow from all over, creating diverse bodies of work. Great musicians tend to follow one idea for long periods, examining its every implication, and there is a strong sense, reinforced here, that Filipsen has been pursuing a single sound through space and time, right from his emergence as a leading improviser on the Danish scene."

(Brian Morton - Jazz Journal)

“It is exciting music that is both intricate and simple, exciting throughout and, at times, innovative as well.
It is nice that there are musicians and composers like Anders Filipsen, who seeks new territories when making music for a record. And in these corona times, where both cinemas and theaters are closed, we might as well be at home, take a seat in the armchair, close our eyes, and let Filipsen take us on a rare and exciting musical journey. "

(Jan Granlie - Salt Peanuts*)

"A powerful work". The same can certainly be said about .... Stilleben. The genre-crossing music is once again very personal and distinctive. Easy to disappear in. Easy to be challenged by. Easy to be seduced by

(Ivan Rod - Denmark)

The Black Nothing:

Qarin Wikström: Vocal and effects
Emil Jensen: Trumpet and effects
Lars Greve: Clarinets and tenorsax
Jeppe Højgaard: Altosax and clarinet
Soma Allpass: Cello
Lars Lundehave: Electronics
Nils Bo Davidsen: Bass
Victor Dybbroe: Percussion
Bjørn Heebøl: Drums
Anders Filipsen: Composition and Synths

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