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TEETH: Open Up

TEETH: Open Up

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Release date: 16-11-2018

Catalogue. no.: ILK286LP

“Welcome to an auditive anarchy where the sound palette is expanded to the extreme”

"Open Up" is the debut album of the Scandinavian trio TEETH. A tribute to both electronic music, free improv and sound art on an album that’s been created through improvisation where the bands focus on working as an organism has been manifested.

The trio unites three highly interesting scandinavian musicians within electro-acoustics. TEETH is Anders Filipsen (DK), Herman Müntzing (SE) og Håkon Berre (NO), who on ‘Open Up’ in an organic whole explores objects and auditive textures. The broad variety of soundscapes varies between static moments and noise, extreme dynamics, uneven rhythmical structures, minimalism and scruffy landscapes. The three musicians say about the album:

“We wish to create otherworldly soundscapes beyond genre and our own imagination. A breathes heard of birds to schizophrenic patterns and doomsday patterns. The expression of each member contributes to the whole and creates a synergetic wall of sound.”

The band has been together for 4 years and has played concerts in Scandinavia, Denmark and Germany on festivals and venues, but hasn’t released anything before now. An unusual course in this day and age. The slow process is a result of a constant search for new sounds and ways of interacting, that has made the band wait until now to manifest their sound imagery.

Anders Filipsen (DK) has been active on the danish jazz, avantgarde & improv-scene in a decade both as a composer and improviser and as a part of the esteemed Danish label ILK.

Herman Müntzing (SE) is one of the most original artists on the Swedish electronic scene, that utilizes both electronic and acoustic objects.

Håkon Berre (NO) is based in Copenhagen, and is a highly active improviser in a broad spectre of avantgarde projects and works with both acoustic and electronic manipulated sound.

The record is produced by TEETH and mixed by Anders Filipsen. Release concert will be in Copenhagen on the 25th of October on Peryton and in Malmø on the 27th of October at IAC.


Single "Opening Of" featured in the New Nordic Indie Experimental Playlist 

"It Unravels" featured in New Nordic Indie Friday  & New Nordic Indie Experimental

The nine soundscapes-salutations from these mad scientists from deep space don’t try to follow any earthly convention, structure or logical narrative. Instead Teeth invests in risky ideas, extreme and provocative dynamics, uneven rhythmical structures and scruffy landscapes and accidentally even contribute a possible anthem to the surprised earthlings, «Shout Out (to…)». Teeth may have solved its existential koan and is willing to lend us the keys to the doors of perception. «Open UP» is about the sonic magic that happens when we listen not only with our ears, big and open as they may be. Listen when we surrender fully to these weird but fascinating sounds, with our whole selves, when our imagination runs free, fearless and careless. (Salt-Peanuts)

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