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Stefan Pasborg & Carsten Dahl: Live at SMK

Stefan Pasborg & Carsten Dahl: Live at SMK

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Release date: 01-12-2014

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Two musicians in a league of their own, who have both distinguished themselves as strong personalities on the Danish and the European jazz scene, are now finally releasing a duo album together! The release is a live concert recorded at the beautiful museum ʻ Statens Museum for Kunstʼ  in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Stefan Pasborg and Carsten Dahl have played together in many constellations during the last seven years - partly with Carsten Dahls own group ʻExperience' – but also as a duo in rare occasions as this concert recorded live on ʻStatens Museum for Kunstʼ.

With a rich appetite for exploring, Pasborg brings his potent, yet sensitive drumming, while Dahl delivers freely from his superior technique and musicality. Together theyʼre creating a mutual and natural flow within the wide borders of jazz music, while incorporating all of their common musical references into their free improvisations.

Stefan Pasborg is known as a very personal and virtuoso drummer. He has distinguished himself with very successful bands like f.ex Ibrahim Electric and Odessa 5, and with world-class names like Tomasz Stanko, John Tchicai and Marc Ducret…and this release shows yet another interesting facet of Pasborgs impressive artistic palette.
Carsten Dahl is one of the most distinctive contemporary Danish jazz pianists with a superior technique and musicality, which enables him to express himself freely between a wide spectrum of the subgenres of jazz - from swing and bebop to completely free improvisations.

A strong and unique statement from two of Europe 'soundbreaking' musicians in the demanding duo format, recorded in front of a enthusiastic audience in the inspiring environments at ʻStatens Museum for Kunstʼ.

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