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STEFAN PASBORG TRIO feat. Carsten Dahl & Fredrik Lundin: LIVE in DENMARK

STEFAN PASBORG TRIO feat. Carsten Dahl & Fredrik Lundin: LIVE in DENMARK

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"This is not just one of Europe's most interesting drummers, but one of Europe's most interesting musicians...Stefan Pasborg, the H.C. Andersen of contemporary jazz" – Jazz Journal, UK

Stefan Pasborg is one of his generation’s most brilliant, inspiring and visionary musicians, and has within the last 20 years established himself as one of the most successful Danish instrumentalists.

He has performed more than 1.000 concerts all over the world, in 40 different countries, on 5 continents, from Shanghai to Vancouver, from Monte-Carlo to Moscow, from Varanger to Casablanca, from Zanzibar to Seoul and from New York to São Paulo - and has released countless significant releases. And, in addition, he has been a strong and visionary initiator who, among other things, has given us both the orchestra Ibrahim Electric, the “Ritual Dances” project in which he interpreted the music of Igor Stravinsky, and the record company ILK Music.

Pasborg is truly a powerhouse, not only because of the musical nerve and sense of rhythm he brings to the table when performing, but also because of his constant ability to develop and kick off one exciting project after another.

With this new “super-trio”, Stefan Pasborg writes another chapter to the story. When these three superb musicians / personalities from the top-shelf of Scandinavian improvisers, joins forces on stage, they create strong, beautiful and heartfelt original music with expeditions in and out of time, abstract, the past, the present and the future

"I’m very happy to share this live-album with everybody. A live-album is a document of a specific moment in time and space spoken through music without any overdubs or edits. It’s a raw document of music being created 100% in the present here and now. And I like that. It’s organic and true. I started this trio because I wanted to create a band in which I would have the feeling of going anywhere musically. With these two maestros we share so many common references, I had a feeling that I could do whatever I wanted to do musically… and it made a lot of sense to go on a tour with these two guys. In February 2024, we played 10 shows in our native Denmark, and we recorded some of the shows, and the result is this album – LIVE IN DENMARK." - Stefan Pasborg about LIVE in DENMARK

Stefan Pasborg: drums, tuned gongs and percussion
Carsten Dahl: piano, rhodes and percussion
Fredrik Lundin: tenor saxophone and flute

Catalogue#: ILK360
Release date: 21-06-2024

Opening is recorded live at Tobaksgaarden, Assens by Claus Knoth Ringer.
Uprising, El Fenn & Little Shadow is recorded live at Jazzhus Montmartre, Copenhagen by John Fomsgaard.
Earth & Wonky Donkey is recorded live at Generator, Ringkøbing by Jørgen Vilhelmsen.
Togo is recorded live at Dexter, Odense by Steen Juul.
Happy House / Drummers House is recorded live at Godset, Kolding by Michael Skoubo.
Mixed and mastered by Kæv Glieman. 
Photo by Rico Rico Feldfoss.
Cover by Rasmus Meisler.

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