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Jacob Anderskov: Statics (The Map), [Habitable Exomusics Vol. II]

Jacob Anderskov: Statics (The Map), [Habitable Exomusics Vol. II]

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Release date: 21-08-2015

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Statics (The Map) is Volume II of Jacob Anderskov's Habitable Exomusics - trilogy, and thus the follow-up to the trio album Kinetics (The Path). This time, he is alone at the piano in Rainbow Studio in Oslo, with Jan Erik Kongshaug behind the console. Compared to Anderskov’s previous piano solo releases, Statics (The Map) might have more clarity of statement, and more consistency of language. Abstraction is a welcomed fellow traveller, through a variety of aural landscapes.

(The title:) "Statics", is a branch of ​​physics dealing with forces and torques on physical systems in static equilibrium. Whether it comes to orbiting satellites, apples on branches, or tuned strings on an instrument.

(The subtitle:) "The Map" normally concerns an overview of an area. However, “mapping” may also address an activity, or a way of thinking, or a range of possible future actions.

Jacob Anderskov states about the record:
"I had decided to maintain a high degree of tonal abstraction throughout the recording. And to allow many kinds of momentum. This might all show in the final result. I hope this album contains interesting new combinations of swirls and rumbling, of darkness and light, of turbulence and crystallizations. And an underlying cosmic pulsation underneath.
The "static" term on volume II can of course be understood as the antithesis to the "kinetic" on Volume I. And as a simple observation that the constant exchange of energy between musicians, a focal point of the Kinetics album, is significantly different from what can happen on a recording with only one musician. Here, solo, what we have is perhaps rather an introspective contemplation on our position and possibilities in Cosmos. Maybe even a meditative distillation of the entire Habitable Exomusics universe."

Habitable Exomusics - the trilogy
Statics (The Map) is the second part of Habitable Exomusics - a new trilogy by Jacob Anderskov. Three albums with three different line-ups, released during the summer of 2015.

"The Habitable Exomusics Project is intended as an artistically radicalized summary of my musical language so far, and, at the same time, hopefully a kind of transcendence of my sound up till now. As part of the project I am also sharing thoughts and reflections on the making of the music, mainly through blogs, video, sheet music a.o. "
- Jacob Anderskov

The first album of the trilogy was released in June and the third and final album will be released in September.

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