Søren Møller/Jesper Løvdal/Joel Frahm/Ari Hoenig: Lines Of Progression

119,00 kr

Release date: 21-10-2013

"Lines Of Progression" documents a trans-Atlantic collaboration between four musicians from the New York and Copenhagen jazz communities. On it, you'll hear the results of an explorative pursuit by the quartet to find new ground for the traditional sound of the Hammond organ combo.

"Lines of Progression" maps that intersection of ideas where references to the Scandinavian and American jazz vernaculars freely associate with both classical compositional fomality and the spontaneity of modern urban grooves.

The hot spark of New York energy and a bracing breeze of Nordic cool - not to mention extraordinary performances from the musicians - mark a sweet spot on the intercontinental music scene ... and make for a listening experience we hope You'll enjoy.

Line up
Søren Møller - Hammond B3
Jesper Løvdal - Saxophone
Joel Frahm - Saxophone
Ari Hoenig - Drums

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