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Simon Toldam: Fem Små Stykker Med Tid

Simon Toldam: Fem Små Stykker Med Tid

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Humans have long been fascinated by time and space – concepts inspiring millennia of artistic exploration and philosophical reflection.
In the space between activities and motions, between sounds and notes, there is time to digest, time to be curious, and time to be present.

Studies in this field with his trio – resulting in the album Omhu (“Best danish jazzalbum of the year 2019”) – has led Toldam to compose material for solo piano, in order to explore even deeper into this musical perspective. The focal point of the music is mellemrum, which translates to gap/space, but there´s a Japanese word that describes it even better:

The Japanese concept of Ma has been described as a pause in time, an interval or emptiness in space. Ma is the time and space life needs to breath, to feel and connect. If we have no time, if our space is restricted, we cannot grow. This universal principle applies to every aspect of life.

The music is displaying Toldam´s musical patience and vibrant timbre, and is recorded in the amazing acoustics of Sendesaal in Bremen, Germany.

Fem Små Stykker Med Tid is released digitally, and as transparent vinyl, in a transparent acrylic cover in a limited edition of 77 handmade and hand numbered copies on ILK Music, a front-running Danish contemporary music label.

Catalogue#: ILK351
Release date: 23-02-2024

Music composed and performed by Simon Toldam.
Recorded in Sendesaal, Bremen.
Mixed & mastered at Virkeligheden by August Wanngren.
Produced by Simon Toldam.

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