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Rosor och Tulpan: Rosor och Tulpan spiller musik af Evert Taube

Rosor och Tulpan: Rosor och Tulpan spiller musik af Evert Taube

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Release date: 08-06-2018

Catalog no.: ILK280CD

Rosor & Tulpan consists of six musicians who have been major players on the Danish music scene through the last twenty years. Since 2008 they have been playing a large number of concerts, performing the everlasting music of legendary swedish national bard, Evert Taube (1890-1976). Now their debut album is released: Rosor & Tulpan – spiller musik af Evert Taube.

The songs about love, ventures and nature are eternal, and is interpreted by Rosor & Tulpan with equal amount of respect and curiosity. Quivering guitars, warm clarinets, swaying accordion and Swedish folklore vocals when at it’s finest.

The Swedish national bard Evert Taube (1890-1976) managed to publish 50 books and recorded almost 200 songs. His music and lyrics have had a great influence on the Swedish modern folksong heritage, and the greatness of his songwriting has also been acknowledged in the other Nordic countries, with songs such as “Min Älskling” and “Änglamark”. There is celebration of life, love and nature in Evert Taube’s music and lyrics. Many songwriters are brilliant in their description of the melancholic aspects of life – but rarely you´ll encounter an artist who is able to preach the love of life in such an inspirational way as Evert Taube.

Line up:

Qarin Wikström: Vocal 

Simon Toldam: Accordeon 

Mark Solborg: Guitar 

Stephan Sieben: Guitar 

Henriette Groth: Clarinet 

Anders Banke: Bass clarinet

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