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Peter Danstrup: Sacrified

Peter Danstrup: Sacrified

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Release date: 24-06-2016

Spotify link here.

With this collection of unique songs, all inspired by religious subjects and tales, bass player and composer Peter Danstrup stands out as a remarkable player on
the Danish jazz scene. Ranging from the large Reptiles- orchestra with its solid brass core, over the zippy trio Klökkeblömst to now the octet Sacrified, he has composed and orchestrated a wide tonal palette of expressions, adding new releases to his oeuvre every year since 2010.

The 14 tracks are composed to a special ensemble of 5 female and 3 male musicians. New to his musical universe is the significant use of vocals and lyrics, which has led to a series of epic, harsh and yet surprisingly singable melodies and arrangements. It is beautiful music; at times sharp, stately, groovy, grotesque – yes you can trace even cabaret and musical here – and the timbre is distinctive. In a kaleidoscope of colours this music illustrates the religiously inspired lyrics in a new and surprising way – just as Dali’s cover painting epitomizes the story of the crucifixion from another angle.

Take a deep breath and take an hour-long dive into this musical adventure.

Sacrified are:

Nina Baun - Vocals
Mariane Bitran – Flute, G flute, fula
Soma Allpass – Cello
Makiko Hirabayashi – Piano
Lise Munch – French horn (except 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Rasmus Kjærgård Lund – Tuba (except 6, 7, 8)
Peter Danstrup – Acoustic bass guitars
Bjørn Heebøll – Drums, percussion


An immense recording from bass player Peter Danstrup. He has never been afraid to take his music out there.  And go further.
This time, with an apparently religious opus, he is playful and curious. His compositions are fascinating and his musical world has no limits. (Torben Holleufer, GAFFA

It is eminent. Danstrup uses and makes the most of the unusual and very unconventional line-up. Vocalist Nina Baun is excellent, with clear articulation and a natural approach to even the most challenging melodic lines. (Peter H. Larsen, Jazzspecial nr 152 2016)

Praises to Peter Danstrup for this massive piece of work. A huge workload – and perfect for festivals, who would like to present a church concert. (Jan Granlie, Saltpeanuts

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