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Peter Danstrup - Absolute Danstrup

Peter Danstrup - Absolute Danstrup

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Absolute Danstrup is a new album from bass player and composer Peter Danstrup featuring 11 tracks with changing musicians on every track, in all 24 artists. Absolute Danstrup was mostly conceived when I was hospitalized with Covid-19. It reflects on personal, topical experiences and statements. You may call it an imaginary compilation album, dealing with a kaleidoscopic mix of songs. You will find subjects of immediate relevance, reflecting on the pandemic outbreak, the #metoo situation in Denmark and the Trump era.

The music styles change throughout the album: bluesy odd meter rock, instrumentals influenced by Captain Beefheart, sarcastic yet political musical like songs, large jazz ensemble arrangements, bass tunes and female a cappella singing. All of it compiled with the unmistakably Danstrup trade mark of clever, colorful, condensed extracts of music, interesting arrangements with an open headroom for individual presentations. The gender balance is 12/12, a clear response to the discussions about male/female representation in music.

Catalogue #: ILK332LP
Release date: 19-11-2021

Line up: Bent Clausen – marimba; Per Gade – guitar; Anders Banke – bass clarinet, clarinet, tenor sax; Jacob Andersen – percussion, handclap, timbales; Michael Rexen – vocals; Nina Baun – vocals; Mariane Bitran – flute; Carolyn Goodwin – alto sax; Kasper Tranberg – trumpet; Lis Wessberg – trombone; Lise Munch – French horn; Rasmus Svale – tuba; Bjørn Heebøl - Marching snare drum; Marie Louise N. Schmidt – piano; Ben Besiakov – piano; Ole Rømer – drums, bass; Thomas Vang – bass; Peter Danstrup – bass guitar; Ania Rybacka - soprano; Katrina Petersen - soprano; Kamilla Kovacs - alto; Johanne Baadsgaard Lange - alto; Else Schantz Juutilainen - contralto; Maria Kynne - contralto


"Brilliant! Great! Exciting! Interesting!"
- Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts

"Listen in and get captivated by the drama, the music and the story."
- Niels Overgaard,

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