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On Dog: Part II - White Horse y La Rumba

On Dog: Part II - White Horse y La Rumba

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Piero Bittolo Bon (ITA) – alto saxophone, bassclarinet, flute
Francesco Bigoni (ITA) – tenor saxophone, clarinet
Beppe Scardino (ITA) – baritone saxophone, bassclarinet
Mark Solborg (DK) – electric & acoustic guitars
Marc Lohr (LUX) – drums and electronics

Catalog number:ILK210CD
Release date:10.06.2013


 The Dog is loose! On Dog is proud to present a new fabulous trans-European project, started and led by Francesco Bigoni and Mark Solborg. The group is a unique selection of original voices and in-demand musicians from Italy, Denmark and Luxembourg, performing contemporary music with an edge.

Together and invidually the members of On Dog have played and recorded with such prominent artists as Evan Parker, Gianluca Petrella, Enrico Rava, Stefano Battaglia, Greg Cohen, Jim Black, AACM, Herb Robertson, Chris Speed, Paal Nilssen-Love, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Hank Roberts, Bobby Previte and many others.

On Dog began in 2012 as Bigoni og Solborg fused two trios: Hopscotch (ILK) and Crisco 3 (El Gallo Rojo) - and gathered the ensemble for three days of workshop, concert and intensive musical exchange in Massa Lombarda, Italy. Here, and at the following concerts, it was obvious to everybody involved that this lucky-punch-combination of players and music had direct access to a beautiful musical common ground.

The music is new, original and with an edge: Essentially a study on counterpoint and polyphony which allows five performers (all composers and free improvisers) to be confronted by through-composed pieces. Here Francesco Bigoni and Mark Solborg’s voices and pens meet again and ranges from transparent, chamber-like passages (mostly part II) to rocking bursts of sound caried by drums, baritone and guitar( Part I ).


"[...] there is an organic and thoughtful sense of urgency that makes this trek feel like one we’d like to take."
- Donald Elfman, New York City Jazz Record

" Brilliant recording, genuine and perky musicianship, shrewd compositions, band interplay and interesting arrangements. Unconditional recommendation!"

"Music always needs international encounters and exchanges. It happens too often that, at a high career level, these encounters happen due to marketing reasons, or merely putting all-star musicians together. On Dog is a remarkable and absolutely precious exception."
- Enrico Bettinello, Blow Up (IT)

"... konzentriertes Interagieren, behutsames Ausreizen des Gegeneinander von geschlossenen und offenen Formen. 85 Minuten Musik (...) die nie langweilig werden. "
- FreiStil (DE)

 On Dog strikes deeply for its ability to narrate the most unquiet dreams of European Jazz
- Enrico Bettinello, Musica Jazz (IT)

 "Une collaboration exemplaire et “Made in Europe” ..ces deux disques sont une sorte de modèle de ce que l'on aimerait voir plus souvent advenir sur notre Vieux Continent!"
- Thierry Quénum, Jazzman (FR) [CHOC-sticker on both records]


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