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Nils Bo Davidsen & Simon Toldam: Fyrtårn

Nils Bo Davidsen & Simon Toldam: Fyrtårn


Cello and piano has a long story together. With their spontaneous music, Fyrtårn (Lighthouse) presents a different angle on the combination of these two highly interwoven instruments, and challenge the sonic possibilities that exist in this format.

The music played in Fyrtårn is spontaneous compositions based on common thorough sonic researches, illuminated by playfulness and hyper musical communication. Nils Bo Davidsen and Simon Toldam breathe as one when they dive into a music placed in the intersection between contemporary classical music and improvised music. Like two artists painting on the same canvas

Fyrtårn consists of 13 tracks, and is recorded in Koncertkirken, Copenhagen. With its great acoustics, Koncertkirken is home of the vibrant danish contemporary music-scene, and a second home for Nils & Simon.

Nils and Simon has played together for more than 15 years, and are both in demand players on the European scene of jazz/improv.
They are 2/3 of the Simon Toldam Trio, whos latest album was chosen as Album of The Year at Danish Music Awards Jazz 2019. Recently the trio was chosen as Orchestra of The Year, at Danish Music Awards Jazz 2021.

Individually they have played all over the globe, with various good friends and great musicians as: Tom Rainy, Gerald Cleaver, Han Bennink, Herb Robertson, Axel Dörner, Dave Liebman, Marc Ducret, Tim Berne and more.

Catalogue #: ILK339
Release date: 17-03-2023

Recorded and mixed by August Wanngren.
Cover photo by Andreas Omvik. 

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