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Nils Bo Davidsen & Simon Toldam: det muliges rum

Nils Bo Davidsen & Simon Toldam: det muliges rum



Nils Bo Davidsen and Simon Toldam invite listeners on a sonic odyssey through twelve distinct aural landscapes with their latest collaboration, det muliges rum (The Space of the Possible).

In this interwoven exploration, the renowned and accomplished musicians Davidsen and Toldam present a tapestry of emotion and curiosity within the cello/piano realm. Their mastery of their instruments is evident as they tread on fresh musical soil in the outskirts of this classic instrumentation.

det muliges rum is a testament to the profound impact of sound and music on the human experience. The duo’s instant compositions weave intricate patterns, evoking memories, emotions, and atmospheres. From the lively strolls of påberåbende to the enigmatic allure of mørke glas, the album captures the essence of diverse imaginary spaces.

The music is recorded in the extraordinary acoustics of Sendesaal in Bremen. A concert hall where sounds wants to live.

The digital release of det muliges rum is available on all streaming platform.

Catalogue#: ILK355
Release date: 

Music composed by Nils & Simon
Recorded in Sendesaal, Bremen by August Wanngren.
Mixed & Mastered at Virkeligheden by August Wanngren.
Produced by Nils & Simon.
Photo: Andreas Omvik
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