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Nils Bo Davidsen: Hverdagsforvandling

Nils Bo Davidsen: Hverdagsforvandling

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Release date: 26-04-2019
Catalogue no.: ILK291LP

4th solorelease by Nils Bo Davidsen. 

The previous (solodoublebass) release, attracted massive attention and was nominated to a DMA award 2014. 

Nils Bo Davidsen shares some words on his new release, Hverdagsforvandling: 

"In 2015, I took up the cello. From the start, it has been an amazing journey for me. I have been exploring, having fun, and recording from day one. 

Hverdagsforvandling is a collection of pieces ranging from solo fantasies on collages to painstakingly composed soundscapes. 

All of the pieces are based on improvisations or ideas. The structured compositional process came later. 

For example, the piece Mørkhøj consists of four improvised cello voices played with the same feeling and randomly layered on top of one another… And then edited. 

Bindevæv is actually 83 cello voices recorded individually and then carefully trimmed and arranged. 

By using improvisation and randomness as tools it’s possible to create pieces I could never compose by sitting down with my pen and paper, attempting to reach out for new inspiration. That’s how it works for me, anyway. 

Hverdagsforvandling (roughly translated as “everyday transformation”) hints at the fact that if you just do one thing every day – something you have never done before – you can transform your day into a three-dimensional, colourful experience."

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