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Nils Bo Davidsen: EGNE

Nils Bo Davidsen: EGNE

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EGNE is a tetralogy of 4 individual albums with music composed by Nils Bo Davidsen.

Bassist, cellist and composer Nils Bo Davidsen says about EGNE:

These 4 music releases - a so-called Tetralogy - must be seen as 4 independent works. They are very different and they each have their own sound and angle.
What binds them together is that they were all created in one long creative breath.
This breath originated in an accident where I broke my leg on December 19, 2022.
My life was reset. My freelance music career was put on standby. For 2 months I could only lie down. In order not to sink into depression, I started composing.
In a mixture of pain and morphine haze, I levitated into the world of tones."

1) Levitationer / recorded by Jacob Anderskov
I wrote i.a. the quiet piano pieces 'Levitationer', which functioned as a kind of self-healing. I got the fantastic pianist Jacob Anderskov to record the 12 piano pieces.
I got one of the greatest living Danish writers, Ursula Andkjær Olsen, to write an accompanying poem for each piece.

The following year -2023- inspired music constantly flowed out of me.

2) Invocations / Recorded by the composer
This collection of pieces for solo cello reflects my fascination and exploration of the overtone possibilities on the cello. They can be seen as a series of invocations of higher powers or a kind of meditative communication with extraterrestrials in a -for us- new language. I will also continue this exploration on the soloist line at RMC in Copenhagen, from August 2024.

3) Goldcrest and I / Recorded by the composer
In the summer of 2023 I bought a 12-string guitar. I have always been fascinated by its richness of sound. It inspired me to compose a large number of pieces. 12 of these pieces can be found at Goldcrest and I. They are dedicated to Europe's smallest bird which, according to legend, by cunning, flew closest to the sun and got its yellow crown on: the king of birds.

4) Terpenes / Recorded by the composer
These pieces of piano music were recorded in the Concert Church on 19 December 2023, exactly one year after my broken leg.
They mark the end of the Tetralogy. There are 9 inspired, improvised pieces - Terpenes. As well as a single composition that originated in the church room. The music can be described as 'music that listens to itself'.

Catalogue#: ILK357
Release date:

All music composed by Nils Bo Davidsen.

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