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Matt Choboter: Unburying, from Liminals, Emerging

Matt Choboter: Unburying, from Liminals, Emerging

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“Unburying, from Liminals, Emerging” evokes the spirituality of dreams. Dreams dialogue with our past and offer maps of meaning into imagined futures.

Absorbing the mytho-spiritual worlds of South Indian Classical and Balinese Gamelan music this release bridges expansive territories between post-jazz, contemporary experimental, and ambient music.

It reflects on travels to places like Chennai, (studying oral traditions of South Indian classical music) Delphi, (exploring the myths of ancient Greece) and the Dordogne Valley (delving into palaeolithic cave art of southern France).

Exploring dreams and gamelan music in Bali I arrived at a new tuning system. The tuning system offers reconciliation between western and eastern ideas and combines embodied aspects of Balinese microtonality with Just Intonation - Nature’s “pure sounds”.

The recorded sounds were captured in various architectures and materialities. The saxophones, for instance, were re-played and re-recorded in different spaces, out of specific objects (like old oil cans and cymbals) and thereby exist in varied states of matter of an extended time-collage.

One of these spaces is the unique architecture of TunnelFabrikken. This is the historic site where the Øresunds bridge (linking Denmark and Sweden) was constructed. The recordings and finished mixes capture Tunnelfabrikken before the start of major renovations and gentrification and therefore sonically preserve an important piece of Danish history

Line up:
Matt Choboter, microtonal prepared piano
Jan Kadereit, percussion
Calum Builder, alto saxophone
Miguel Crozzoli, tenor saxophone
Michal Biel, baritone saxophone

Catalogue#: ILK359
Release Date: 28-06-2024

All compositions by Matt Choboter.
Recorded at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory (Copenhagen) in 2021. Re-amped in Tunnel Fabrikken and various objects like oil cans, cymbals and bass drum.
Recorded by Simon Mariegaard Mixed by Simon Mariegaard Mastered by Sam Nacht Produced by Matt Choboter, Simon Mariegaard

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