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Matt Choboter: Postcards of Nostalgia

Matt Choboter: Postcards of Nostalgia

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Postcards of Nostalgia” sonically re-imagines the solo acoustic piano. It playfully explores the “sounds between the notes”.

Inspired by LaMonte Young and John Cage and sounding like Eve Risser and Benoît Delbecq, Choboter uses a newly invented tuning system, magnetic preparations and ethereal electronics to evoke subliminal landscapes between post-jazz, ambient electronic and Balinese Gamelan music.

The album invites one to reflect into the deep past whether on a personal or collective scale. On a personal level, the music reflects on Choboter’s travels to various places. On a collective scale, “Postcards of Nostalgia” might describe the awe-inspiring Upper Paleolithic cave art. 

Catalogue#: ILK344
Release date: 23-06-2023

All compositions by Matt Choboter except Temptation Towards Sorcery and Omphalos (Matt Choboter & Simon Mariegaard).
Recorded at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory (Copenhagen) in December 2020. Re-amped in St. Augustines Church in Copenhagen.
Recorded by Simon Mariegaard Mixed/mastered by Simon Mariegaard
Produced by Matt Choboter, Simon Mariegaard
Photo credits: Raphael Gimenes

"It is fascinating to follow Choboter on his wanderings in the forests of his hometown. It's almost like we can see the wild nature for ourselves, hear bears and wolves and other creatures found in the Canadian primeval forests, and join him on a tour with a musical guide. An exciting and interesting record from a musician, composer and, not least, improviser." - Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts*

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