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Matt Choboter's Hypnagogia: Anima Revisited

Matt Choboter's Hypnagogia: Anima Revisited

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The written music manifested itself as I grappled with subterranean dream imagery, hallucinations and liminal afternoon reveries, often brought on by insomnia and sleep deprivation. It ponders the anima & animus - male and female archetypal images.

          Conveying states
between        the world of dreams          and wakefulness...
   an umwelt of liminal states          .....  both cerebral and
     the aesthetics of disorientation, ambiguity
               ....                             illusion?

                            aspects of South Indian classical music ..      ..
... . .
   its rhythm through patterns of            recession
    and growth        ..                   polyrhythm ,
                                   extended time cycles        ... .         
refigured in
            contemporary                                                  creative music.

Kaleidoscopic     ... .
                                                  Subconscious  .                               Myth..
                             constructions in metal
associations to... .                          Krishnamurti     ... .           Steppenwolf
                       . .       Maori war cries
     Distant   city
           bells                                                        ... .  Chthonic electronics

             traversing between
                          persona and purusha                ... . take a step into
Tarkovskian portals               ...... . . 
                                                             bell time or clock time?
          the primordial
                             ...         repeats itself in sound      ... .            and symbol

Catalogue #: ILK330LP
Release date: 26-11-2021

Matt Choboter – compositions, prepared piano
Francesco Bigoni – clarinet, tenor saxophone
Anders Banke – bass clarinet
Luca Sguera – keyboard & sound design
Matias Seibæk – percussion
Jan Kadereit – modified drum kit


"This is an exciting record, which takes both classical music and jazz into other and new areas."
- Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts

“A certain orientalism, if we can say so, emanates from the well-crafted music presented by the group. The Balinese gongs played by Seibaek or the janggu, by Kadereit are not mere exoticisms, they reveal elements that help take the music to new borders.”

“The album has a dreamlike aura, with a development of varied tensions and harmonic relationship that at times are numbing and suffocating. Winds, keyboards and percussion working as intertwined ensemble pairs deliver densely expressive music.”
- Fabricio Vieira, FreeFormJazz

"Very Exciting (...) Reminiscent of very original, oppressive film music"
- Ken Vos, Jazzism

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