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Løvdal, Landæus, Danielsson, Gullotti: Very Well Vol. 1

Løvdal, Landæus, Danielsson, Gullotti: Very Well Vol. 1

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Release date: 08-04-2016

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Very Well Vol. 1 is the first release in a series from Jesper Løvdal, exploring the quartet format.

Very Well Vol. 1 brings together the best from two worlds and is a unique meeting of bass player Palle Danielsson (S) and drummer Bob Gullotti (US). The release sets new standards for the meeting between American jazz and the Scandinavian folk inspired music and melodic improvisation.

Saxophone player Jesper Løvdal and pianist Mathias Landæus have composed the music exept the beautiful and rarely recorded tune, I Get Along Without You Very Well, best known from the 1954 Chet Baker recording. Compositions and improvisations are woven together to a whole where borders are dissolved and the moorings that holds the art, is caped. The open sky awaits the listener on Very Well Vol. 1 whose titles all circles around the subject freedom.

Palle Danielsson is the personification of Scandinavian jazz and has created a personal bass sound that has been the basis of a number of world-known bands, amongst them the Keith Jarret European Quartet. Since the beginning of his career in the 1960s he has played with among others Bill Evans and Elvin Jones, and has been a unifying musical force in Scandinavia.

Bob Gullotti have through 40 years in the band The Fringe together with George Garzone and John Lockwood, cultivated a group sound, energy and philosophy that is one of the most admired on the scene today. He is a highly respected professor at Berklee College of Music, where he continues the proud drum tradition founded by his own teacher, Alan Dawson.

Mathias Landæus og Jesper Løvdal met each other 20 years ago in New York and this CD is the first documentation of their music together. The expression is extremely varied and present in the moment. Playing for the ensemble is first priority and there is no holding back. This is 100 percent honest music.



Very Well Vol. 1. was among the 10 best Danish releases of 2016 at Jazznyt.


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