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LoFi feat. Jeppe Højgaard: Sounds & Songs

LoFi feat. Jeppe Højgaard: Sounds & Songs

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A Meal of Contradictions

Improvised and Composed, Short and Long,
Fragile and Violent, Noise and Lyricism.
A musical meal that feasts the ears with minimalistic ear cleaners
between the violent musical outbursts!

”This is the result of many years of experimenting with music that encompasses contradictions in the shapes of composition and improvisation.This is a work to be seen as a whole!” (Anders Filipsen)

The debut album of the duo LoFi (lohr/filipsen), with danish pianist Anders Filipsen and Berlin based Luxemburg drummer Marc Lohr, is a tribute to opposites and contradictions. For their debut the duo has teamed up with friend and musical colleague, saxophonist Jeppe Højgaard, to create music that in many ways is to be seen as a holistic piece, which between the longer parts offers small improvisations to clean and inspire the ears.

The duo was established in 2008 when drummer Marc Lohr lived in Copenhagen. The duo has played with numerous musicians, amongst others John Tchicai, but found their ally in Jeppe Højgaard with whom they have played concerts at festivals and venues in Denmark and Germany in the past years. The music is inspired by the avantgarde of today as well as by jazz pioneers such as John Coltrane, Albert Ayler and Cecil Taylor. It is an album that strongly mixes the uncontrollable and the minimalistic.


The three musicians are all part of the new improvising generation that freely combines impressions from impro, jazz, rock, electronica and contemporary classical music. The three musicians are all established in the european impro-scene playing with musicians like Lindha Kallerdahl, John Tchicai, Kresten Osgood, Andrew D’Angelo, Lotte Anker and Tom Arthurs as well as with dancers and performance artists.



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