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Kresten Osgood, Luther Thomas: in Denmark

Kresten Osgood, Luther Thomas: in Denmark

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Release date: 08-12-2014

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ILK Music and Kresten Osgood presents a new double album with the legendary American saxophonist Luther Thomas.

Luther Thomas was a legendary figure in improvised music. He came out of the Black Artist Group of St. Louis (BAG) in the late 60´s and was one of the original voices from a scene that also bred such names as Oliver Lake, Julius Hemphill, Baikida Carroll, John Zorn and Joseph Bowie. Luther Thomas was above all a completely intuitive improvisor, a free spirit and an artist who reached a level of intensity on the saxophone reached by very few others.

In 1998 he settled in Denmark and became a cult musician in Christiania Freetown, performing there weekly. This new double CD release from ILK are compiled by Ib Skovgaard and Kresten Osgood and traces Luther Thomas' stay in Denmark until his passing in 2009. all the music here is previously unreleased and is a valuable addition to the story of the great Luther Thomas.

The first CD has him collaborating with such names as trombonists Erling Kroner and Ole Fessor Lindgren, bassists Anders Christensen and Nils Davidsen and pianist Mikkel Mark. Kresten Osgood is the drummer on most tracks.

The second CD is a solo sax recording produced by Kresten Osgood in 2008 and is one of the most powerful solo sax recordings ever made. It’s also Luther Thomas' last recording.

The cover has beautiful pictures by Martin Sne and extensive liner notes by Ib Skovgaard.


Line Up

Luther Thomas - Saxophone
Kresten Osgood    - Drums
Nils Bo Davidsen    - Bass
Erling Kroner - Trombone
Ole "Fessor" Lindgren - Trombone
Mikkel Mark - Piano


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