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Kresten Osgood & De Udeboende

Kresten Osgood & De Udeboende

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This album documents a live performance by De Udeboende which was Kresten Osgood's large ensemble based out of Aarhus for years. The group experimented with ways to interact and perform. They played a concert with music composed for 200 cows (no humans attend- ed). They brought a group of homeless people into the prestigious Musikhuset in Aarhus, threw a party, and improvised with them. They played concerts in trains, they played in churches. Here they are at the famous SPOT festival in Aarhus in 2008.

As one member of the band remarked: "The work we did in this band has had a major impact on the way I connect to people and music. For me, it was about belonging and connecting to a strong empathetic community of open-minded people and connecting that community to the rest of the world. It felt right, it felt important and it felt meaningful."

Catalogue#: ILK336LP
Release date: 10-11-2023

Andreas Brixen (drums)
Ask Kjærgaard (guitar)
Aske Bode (keyboards)
Flade (poetry)
Gorm askjær (guitar)
Jacob Haubjerg (bas)
Jakob Retz (bas)
Jens Bang (trombone)
Jens Munch (keyboards)
Karenlise Gram (vocals)
Kresten Osgood (vocals, keys, percussion)
Kristine Bjørg Markussen (percussion)
Lis Raabjerg Kruse (sax & neyflute)
Lise Dres (vocals)
Magnus Jochumsen (percussion)
Marie-louise Grund Petersen (vocals and percussion) martin poulsen (guitar)
Mette Marie Ørnstrup (vocals)
Mette Rasmussen (sax og percussion)
Michael Vestbo (guitar)
Signe Thorborg (sax)

Recorded live at SPOT festival 2008 by Søren Lyngsø produced by Kresten Osgood. Mixed by Søren Lyngsø. Mastered by Aske Bode. 
Designed by Wilfred Wagner & Mads Westrup. 

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