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Kostcirkeln: Pang

Kostcirkeln: Pang

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Release date: 26-05-2015

”Pang” is offbeat and sophisticated avant garde pop with influences from afro beat, garage, disco and punk. The music and lyrics are very direct, with a touch of sweet- ness, energetic anarchy and loving nostalgia. All backed up by sparkling arrangements with sharp edges. Since their latest release, the band has reconstituted their line up, proceeding their heading for a more synthesizer based and electronic sound. Kostcirkelns expression has a rarely seen musical playfulness and subtlety.

The members are all very active on the Danish music scene, and play with Kira Skov, Spillemændene, Anders Mathiasen (Murder), Ice Cream Cathedral and Eggs Laid By Tigers, just to mention a few.

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