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Klökkeblömst: [sic!]

Klökkeblömst: [sic!]

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Release Date: November 27th, 2015

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[sic!] is the three musician’s contribution to contemporary improvised jazz, harboring the core values of community, interplay and fantasy.

The band has worked with three kinds of improvisation: live in the studio, double improvisation, where you improvise on top of a previous improvi- sation and finally a more advanced use of recording techniques, where the musicians simultaneously , without hearing one another, improvise on top of a foregoing improvised recording. Erasing the earlier recording and only hearing the second impro leaves you with a unique, unforesee- able, yet coherent musical statement.

One of the band’s trademarks has been the long titles that metrically corresponded to the opening phrases of the theme. This time the titles are condensed, one-syllable words, all rhyming with [sic!].

Even though the music is created on the spot the band has kept its unique and recognizable sound, where outstanding musicianship merges to a unity that is rarely heard.


Line Up

Anders Banke: saxophone
Peter Danstrup: acoustic bass guitar
Anders Provis: percussion


"Completely original. Truly revitalizing and far beyond immediate description.
An exciting release that gives you humour, colours, form and controlled madness. And the sound is brilliant.
Diving into it you’ll find music that is different from what you have heard in a long time. This is REAL free-­‐form jazz for saxophone, bass and drums.
Peter Danstrup’s bass covers everything from the most beautiful and purest single notes to exciting chords, joyous colours and stretched intervals that are played with such a personality and self-­‐confidence that every note – even the most dissonant ones – becomes important and right.
How nice it is to hear musicians that whole-­‐heartedly liberate themselves from all dogmas and really gets away with dropping aesthetics, meters and regular major/minor tonality."
- (JazzSpecial #149, 2016)

"Danstrup, Banke and Provis are close connected in the trio. They play improvised jazz with a structure, containing elements from both free and molded jazz. Individually they contribute with exciting playing, but here it is the collective that conqueres."
- (Niels Overgaard,

"The 3 musicians manages to vary and change the expression and the feeling in a way that the music is interesting all the way. The music is free and frank and they communicate great on all 13 tracks."
- (Jan Granlie, salt-­‐


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