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Kasper Tranberg: Suite Dilation

Kasper Tranberg: Suite Dilation

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Danish trumpeter/cornetist, composer and bandleader Kasper Tranberg has been a mainstay of the European music scene for more than two decades, and lately he is known for his work with a.o. Yusef Lateef, Marc Ducret, Jesper Zeuthen, Tim Berne, Jacob Anderskov and Peter Bruun.

His solo trumpet/cornet album, Suite Dilation, marks the third and last release in his trilogy “Suite Dilation” – all released on ILK.

In the naked solo format Tranberg portraits the essence of his sound and melodic explorations in the four compositions that is the foundation of the whole Suite Dilation trilogy.

It creates an intimate frame for Tranbergs heartfelt playing, and rooted in his personal expression glows his vision of developing a deep dialogue between his instruments, the composed material and his improvisational instincts.

Tranberg says: “Solo - the ultimate format. My experience playing
is a feeling of a permanent opening to the internal organs. The whole system wide open...the breathing pumping away becoming the utmost consequence of being, and that’s the connection to the musical nervous and immune system.

My solo ambition forced me to, seriously, to reflect on my life with all
its transformative events, and to go deeper in all my studies. I am still looking for the beautiful and surprising in the tensions I find in the music and in the moment.. no fucking overdubs! The compositions create the framework around what I am discovering, and I seldom leave the material when I improvise.

I play with jazz in my heart - that’s the essence and breath of my music”.

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